I’m a developer!

  • +10 years of working experience as a programmer

Freelance iOS developer

I develop native iOS applications in Objective-­C with experience in:

  • REST API communication in JSON using AFNetworking
  • Core Data database and API syncing patterns
  • UIView animations with special care for the user experience
  • Autolayout and UIViews in code using Masonry library for better reuse using loadView method (without storyboards, xibs, etc..)
  • Broad experience with UICollectionView to build iPhone/iPad universal apps
  • Building my own libraries to reuse code between projects
  • Apple Push Notification Services
  • Google Analytics for event tracking
  • GIT for revision control

Programming books/online courses to highlight:

  • Financial Markets by the Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller from Yale University (Grade: 95.1%) Verified Certificate
  • Objective­-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide
  • iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide
  • Beginning iOS 6 Development: Exploring the iOS SDK
  • Stanford University iTunes course: Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad
  • NSHipster: Obscure Topics in Cocoa & Objective­-C

Github: github.com/lluisgerard

Past jobs

Software development @ TV3 / CCMA (2005­ – 2011)

  • My main job was to analyse and develop new applications in Progress 4GL (v9) for TV and radio channels such as TV3, selling part of our product to other channels such as laSexta, IB3 and Castilla La Mancha TV. The main purpose of the product goes from managing the TV grid (program guide) to keep track of up­to­date licenses.

Software development @ UnixPRO, Wingraf Solucions (2001­ – 2005)

  • Development of accountant and business management software in Progress 4GL (v8 and v9), building applications with the very specific requirements that every customer had in mind for a wide kind of companies such as textile, logistic and feed businesses.

Redhat Linux Server configuration @ Clonica Networks (2003)

  • A complete installation and configuration in a remote dedicate server in arsys.es of a RedHat OS 7.3 for remote administration with Apache services (PHP / MySQL / SSL) and virtual hosting, client administration, FTP server, Webmin administration.

Flash Game Development @ Clonica Networks (2001)

  • My main job was to build creative and simple games in Macromedia Flash. Participated also in the interactive web development movement of those years.

Mural de varias fotografías de Lluis Gerard

Photography collaborations and expositions

My passion is programming but I also enjoy other things like photography :)